Frequently Asked Questions…


  1. If I don’t qualify will your company deliver to me?
    Yes, but if you are not a senior citizen, active serving military family, disabled veteran, church organization or farm and because our companies posted price is set for those in need, add 5 cents per gallon for your price for the day.
  2. Is there a minimum delivery?
    Yes, 125 gallons we need to base the price per gallon, although we will deliver any amount less for a very reasonable delivery charge.
  3. Do you make emergency deliveries?
    Yes, during daylight hours.  Emergency deliveries are very costly to us, if we can route you in there will be no extra charge.  If the truck has left your town there will be a delivery charge.  Automatic customers need not worry.
  4. If my burner needs to be re-started is there a charge?
    Yes, if this is done by the oil delivery driver there is a prime / start charge of $30.00.  Automatic customers need not worry.
  5. Do you accept fuel assistance programs?
    Yes, please see our Fuel Assistance Page for more information.
  6. Do you offer Budget Payment Plans?
    Yes, budget plans start in August and provide 10 equal monthly payments.  As a budget plan customer, you always receive the discounted price.  

Automatic delivery is available for the towns we serve. Please visit our Sign Up Page to get started.

Thank You For Your Business!