Order Oil…

In order to offer low prices, we must remain a COD company.  Another way to keep our operating costs down.

Payment Options and Instructions

  • Cash:  Must be home for the delivery
  • Check:  If not at home fill out the check payable to Senior Citizens, leave the amount blank if having your tank filled.  Sign it, on the back write For Deposit Only.  Leave in an envelope on the door.  We will leave a receipt.
  • Credit Card:  We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.  To make life easier you can leave a credit card on file with us.  This will allow you to not worry about your oil tank level by having Automatic Delivery.  We will charge your card for the amount of the delivery.  You can also complete the form below and enter your card details here.
    NOTE:  Cards entered below are not stored and are used only for a single transaction.  Please contact us if you want your card stored with us.